There are infinite futures. There are apocalyptic wastelands and Star trek utopias, strange technologies waiting in the wings, and injustices we can't even imagine yet. But there are things that all these futures have in common, inevitabilities we cannot escape. The world is getting hotter every year. Each new wildfire that blazes across a northern state and lake that pools in the Arctic circle is another step in the path that leads us to a future that is both warmer and less predictable. 
When we consider the future we help shape it. Every piece of speculative art adds to a conversation that guides what happens next. But this contribution does not equal power, and we are often in the unenviable position of being responsible for the future without being in control of it. The works in this show address the complex human responses to a future that is both increasingly certain and increasingly volatile. Whether it is a warm embrace or a purifying fire, the future is definitely hot.
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