On May 14th, I celebrated the debut series “Blush” and my membership at Second Story Gallery. It was a joyous occassion and I was happy to have my daughter by my side as always. I painted two portraits that featured women of color. Blush is a facial expression that many chose to express also defined as in outward appearance. This exhibition depicts the engagements of women of color in context to the role society plays on the presence of natural hair and celebrating the reviving movement of freedom from European beauty standards. This is a common theme in my artwork exploring the effects beauty and hair texture plays on the psyche of women of color. Inspired by the popularity in social media, each piece in this exhibition presents a distinctive and intricate look at the appearance of woman of color. Each piece channels an aura of confidence and bashfulness that fills the canvas.
I am holding my business cards. I designed my own cards and am proud of the end result. I take my artwork very seriously and am glad that I have been able to do create and show my art to a wider audience. That is actually the backside of my card. It feature my painting right behind me. It features the essence of my artwork at this moment in time. It is an image that I hope many women can see themselves in. 
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